Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase – Fabricio Zuardi Submissions – July 2009

Below are my submissions for the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase.

Video Submissions

Click on the thumbnails to watch*, or right-click on the links and “Save Link As…” to download the Ogg Theora videos.

Thumbnail Name Of The Piece Description Size Dimentions Duration License Also Available at
Welcome A welcome to users on their new Ubuntu system, the sunset represents the freedom and the feeling of being part of something special. 2.3 MB (2,401,916 bytes) 1280x720 5 seconds Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Open Your Eyes On this piece I tried to express a little bit of the changing in perspective that using a Linux system can bring, and how the possibility of control over your machine can be an eye-openening experience. 2.3 MB (2,430,266 bytes) 1280x720 11.95 seconds Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
* Firefox 3.5 or some other modern browser with support for the HTML5 video tag required. Your system must have an Ogg Theora codec.

About the Submissions

One of my goals was to present something with a nice quality, and under the contest file-size limits — 2.5MB per submission. That restriction forced me to use my creativity towards building direct, short and to the point messages, without compromising on the picture quality. And I guess that using a recent version of the Theora encoder (thusnelda branch) plus lots of testing and tweaking also contributed to that.

The clips were shot with consumer camcorders, with no extra lenses, in Ribeirão Preto and São Carlos, Brazil. The metadata are in the files and were written using ffmpeg2theora.

The “Welcome” piece uses a footage by Ace of Spades that was sponsored by me and released to the public domain under a CC0 license to be used in my upcoming website publicvideos.org.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed :)

Fabricio C. Zuardi